Two Sides of the Coin Essay

Two Sides of the Coin Essay

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Two Sides of the Coin

Since the dawn of humanity there has been conflict, weather to defend ones self or nation, to protect one’s political stance, or simply for revenge. During WWII Adolf Hitler began the extermination of the Jews about last 1941. Simply just asking him to stop wont halt his rampage. It took for long years of war to destroy the evilest man on Earth. No matter the conflict, sometimes war proves necessary to create long lasting peace.

War is necessary for peace is the half truth, because one type of war brands more war while the other creates peace, achieving this played a heavy toll of casualties during WWII and WWI on the European continent, but now the war-loving nations that were at daggers drawn have converted to peace-loving neighbors; in the form of the European Union. Along with the endowment of ASEAN, it is working as a deterrent against corruption among neighbor states. The establishment of the UNO is a repercussion of WWII. It has brought the international community into one single conclave to resolve convoluted issue to avoid eruption of warfare ...

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