Essay on Two Paths of Revenge

Essay on Two Paths of Revenge

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In 'V for Vendetta' directed by the Wachowski brothers, and 'The Count of Monte Cristo' directed by Kevin Reynolds, there are two characters known as V and Edmund Dantes. These two characters are similar in that they are seeking revenge, but ultimately they are different. When looking into their paths of revenge, differences between the two are revealed. The first difference is why the two want their enemies to suffer. The second difference is the influences of the people close to them that affect the outcome of the paths of revenge. V and Edmund Dantes are different when looking into their paths of revenge, in that they seek the previous two points of difference.

The first reason Edmund Dantes and V are different is why the two characters want their enemies to suffer. Edmund Dantes is a character from 'The Count of Monte Cristo'. Three men, known as Fernand Mondego, Danglar and Villefort, betrayed Edmund. These men caused Edmund to become imprisoned in the Chateau D'if. Edmund intentions for the three are revealed when he tells Jacopo, “Death is too good for them. They need to suffer as I suffered. They must see their world and all they hold dear stripped from them, as it was stripped from me.” (Alexandre Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo, Kevin Reynolds, 2002). Edmund here wants the three men to have all they hold dear stripped from them. As one can see Edmund is outraged and thinks death is too good for them. The three will not die but suffer knowing that Edmund Dantes came back and got them. Edmund’s reasons for personal revenge set him aside from V.

V is different from Edmund in that he is not just seeking personal revenge. The reason for this is what the government had done to a person he holds as in the highest of reg...

... middle of paper ... happened to Valerie. The want for retribution for Valerie as well as personal justice enables V to kill all of his enemies. The difference with the influences of the people close to them changes the outcomes of Edmund and V’s paths of revenge. The people close to Edmund and V affect them and in some ways were part of the reason as to why they wanted their enemies to suffer, make the second difference between V and Edmund.

When looking into the different paths of revenge the differences between V and Edmund can be seen. The paths of revenge of Edmund and V are different. When looking at why they wanted their enemies to suffer, the influences of the people close to them, the two are different. They both have similarities but Edmund Dantes and V are different when comparing the paths of revenge. The two paths of revenge differentiate between Edmund Dantes and V.

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