Two Partners and Their Conversation in Regards to Being Gay Essay

Two Partners and Their Conversation in Regards to Being Gay Essay

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Cameron and Mitchell communicate in the same social context, but in different historical contexts. The term context is a “linguistic place-holder” that indicates a specific place, relationship, or event. These places, relationships, or events become the context for interactions and conversations. The context in which something is said or done shapes its meaning (Pierce, 26). The context of a place, relationship or event shapes the meaning of what is said or done and, at the same time, shapes the context or where the action takes place. This reflexive relationship between what occurs and where it occurs adds to the complexity of understanding contexts. In the case of Cameron and Mitchell, their contexts are shaped by their relationship as partners as well as the place where the conversation occurs, a public park filled with adults and young children.
The historical context of Cameron and Mitchell’s conversation takes on the attitudes and conditions that exist on a larger scale within the society. Cameron and Mitchell, a gay couple living together with their adopted daughter, Lily, are within the historical context of the 21st century, when the debate over gay rights is expanding and the attitude toward being gay is shifting in a positive direction. At the same time, however, homosexual couples are still faced with breaking stereotypes regarding certain attitudes and behaviors. Cameron is acting in a modern historical context, feeling as though views and beliefs about what it means to be gay should have evolved. He also references stereotypes about what it means to be a woman. Mitchell tries to give justification for those who understand Cameron as a female by identifying his partnership as a “new type of family” and explaining tha...

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...n and Mitchell walking their daughter to a playgroup in the park, which happens to also fall on Mother’s Day. At the playgroup, however, heterosexual couples are also celebrating Mother’s Day. Throughout their time at the playgroup Cameron and Mitchell’s friends refer to Mitchell as the husband, ask him to carry the drinks for Cameron and invite him to hang out at the Dad’s table. One father gives a quick thank you speech to the Moms and gathers them for a picture. Cameron is demanded by the heterosexual couples to join a picture only consisting of women, calling him an “honorary Mom.” While the husband takes the picture, he refers to the group as a collection of “ladies” and “gals.” Cameron is then given a bouquet of flowers, while Mitchell stands by watching this all unfold. As they are walking away from the group, Cameron initiates the conversation with Mitchell.

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