Essay on Two Of Everything ( The Un Wedding )

Essay on Two Of Everything ( The Un Wedding )

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Two of Everything (The Un-wedding)
The controversial book that I chose for this assignment is Two of Everything written by Babette Cole. This book is about two siblings, Demetrius and Paula Ogglebutt, who have parents who always argue and never seem to agree on anything; they are always playing childish tricks on one another. Demetrius and Paula decide to have a meeting at school for anyone who has problem parents, too. They discover that they are not the only ones. They come up with the perfect solution to stop their parents from bickering. They decide to plan an “un-wedding.” They have a big celebration and they invite the minister to come and undo their parents wedding vows. This book is controversial because it talks about the topic of divorce. This book should be read in all schools it is informational, accepting, and beneficial for all children to be informed of this topic because it is important to include and support all children and not put them aside because of their differences.
Being informed about the topic of divorce is significant because acknowledging the topic helps one understand and be open minded. According to Lisa Haddid, Kenneth D. Phillips, and J. Michael Bones, authors of the article called, “High-Conflict Divorce: A Review Of The Literature.” They mention in this article is about the many challenges children face during their parents divorce. Some of the challenges children face are ….
It mentions the long-term effects of divorce on children, parents, and extended family and friends can be devastating for years. High levels of conflict between parents during and after a divorce have a significant impact on the psychological functioning and development of a child.
According to the video, “Children and ...

... middle of paper ...

...orce and are often exposed to new types of family structures.
Kramer and Smith advise one strategy that can help children with divorce and it is the use of bibliotherapy.
This book is essential and should be read in every classroom. It is important to include, accept, and be aware of divorce. There are many children who are experiencing the effects of divorce and it is important to be able to support them, and to have them feel cared for during this process and not excluded or isolated. It is more common now to find children who have divorced parents and I concur that being aware and open minded to this topic can help many children express their thoughts and feelings; it will help them feel comfortable to talk about divorce. I firmly agree that being informed, accepting, and open minded about divorce can definitely help become aware and understanding of the topic.

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