Two Languages and Two Cultures Essay

Two Languages and Two Cultures Essay

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Two Languages and Two Cultures

United States was built on immigrants and some of the immigrants were pushed from their homeland because of some reasons while other reasons such as America dream pulled them to the United States. Most of these immigrants came from China in 1949, when the communist party took over. These immigrants came with their cultures and languages which are significant in everyone's lives because they play a major role in the development of individual’s characteristics. Many observers
believe that these cultures and languages lead to conflict between immigrant parents and their American-born children. This is certainly the case. Interestingly enough, while history and culture contribute to the American way of life, they also create disagreements between the immigrant’s culture and American culture. Perhaps this is why Amy Tan's story, “Two Kinds,” explores the conflicts and confusions of relationships in the Chinese immigrant communities through the effects of Chinese immigrant’s ethnic heritage, child performance during this time of American culture and, communication divide during this period.

First, Amy Tan successfully demonstrate how Chinese immigrant’s ethnic heritage contributed to the conflicts and confusions of relationships in the Chinese immigrant communities during that era.
Back in China, the Chinese culture during the narrator's mother's era encouraged social stratification and as such no one can move out of their respective social class. Consequently, this way of thinking remained part of the narrator's mother's life when she arrived into the United States.
For example in the story, the narrator's mother believed that she could be anything in America. Consequently, she wanted her daug...

... middle of paper ...

...cessive control is not a forced decision. With the adequate public information and

dedication, parents can guide their children to become productive citizens. When a parent confront an

obstinate child, all it takes is for her not to take it personally.

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