Two Ideas: Both Wrong, Both Right Essay

Two Ideas: Both Wrong, Both Right Essay

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Growing up I was a fan of superheroes. On weekends, I would spend endless hours cemented to the television enamored by courageous animations battling their foes in an attempt to save humanity. I was fascinated, not only by their strength and endurance, but also by their overwhelming intelligence. Somehow, they always made the right decision, just in time to rescue the victim and restore the world to its formerly peaceful state. Looking back, it is easy to see why superheroes are not real. While these programs undoubtedly offered me continuous entertainment, they also lulled me into the mindset that in every conflict, there exists only one right and one wrong answer. However, this is a surreal depiction of reality and is not a true representation of the dilemmas we face in our day-to-day lives. Often, there are multiple perspectives on a particular issue or event. A conflict may have more than one solution.
At its most basic level, “The Most Dangerous Beauty”, written by Michael Paterniti, is about the struggle between good and evil. However, this essay tells a story with a much more nuanced conflict rather than the traditional dichotomy between right and wrong. In the essay, David Williams, a professor teaching anatomical illustration, becomes infatuated with Pernkopf’s Atlas, a compendium of anatomical studies produced by Nazis and Nazi supporters. These intricate paintings that portray the human body as examples of the utmost perfection become an obsession for Williams. When allegations are made that the cadavers used to create the Atlas’ illustrations were obtained unethically, both Williams and the document became heavily scrutinized. Through this conflict, Paterniti explores the ethical dilemma of finding beauty in something...

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...anding an individual’s perspective on a subject is critical in appreciating their decision-making.

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