Essay about Two Different Types of Proyectors

Essay about Two Different Types of Proyectors

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1. Introduction
i. Analysis of Presented Task
The goal of the presented task is to evaluate the differences between two largely different pieces of technology of our choosing, and evaluate their suitability to the task from a physics perspective, with the end goal of evaluating the two different technologies for the suitability in a home theatre
For the purpose of this task, I have chosen two different types of projectors, the DLP Projector (Short for Digital Light Processing) and the LCD Projector (Short for Liquid Crystal Display).

ii. Short Overview of DLP and LCD Projectors
There are two main varieties of projectors widely used, and these are the DLP and LCD projectors respectively. Both devices have the same objective goal, to project an image onto a surface several feet away through the manipulation of light. However, projectors are widely different from televisions as projectors have to ensure that their image travels a far enough distance to the projection surface, while still retaining image clarity and colour.
The DLP projector does this through the usage of digital micro mirror devices. These are small chips, inlaid with incredibly small mirrors laid out in a matrix on a semiconductor chip. Every mirror correlates directly to a pixel within the image, therefore the more mirrors you have, the greater resolution your image.

The LCD projector however, uses a very different schematic. LCD projectors work through sending light by use of a metal halide lamp through several screens or films that separate light into its three components, red, green, and blue. As the image is projected, these individual pixels are turned on and off repeatedly, allowing different colours to be produced.
2. Schematics
i. DLP Projectors
As has a...

... middle of paper ...

...rful movies, the recommendation to be made is to purchase an LCD projector.
ii. Justification
The choice of an LCD projector comes from an analysis of their respective properties. DLP projectors exceed when it comes to contrasts between black and white, and unless lots of black and white movies are going to be played, it won’t be an effective choice. DLP projectors tend to also have a slightly higher price than LCD projectors. LCD projectors have much more vibrant colour ratios, and don’t suffer from the dreaded ‘Rainbow Effect’.
iii. Concluding Statement
To conclude, while both variants of projector would be more than suitable for the task, LCD projectors are the clear winner, due to the need for vibrant colours and better colour saturation, along with boasting a moderately lower price. Therefore, the LCD projector is the most effective choice.
5. Reference Table

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