The Two Common Conflicts Amongst Students Essay

The Two Common Conflicts Amongst Students Essay

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As a commuter campus, UHD has noticed two common conflicts amongst students. The lack of communication between one another, and the lack of connection between UHD and your college experience. The Gator Hole is a place where we hope to build a community and be a contribution to your success. 
Student success, as well as career success, depends on learning how to socialize and how to be a responsible member of a group here at the University of Houston-Downtown. The Gator Hole is a website where we hope to build a community and be a contribution to future and current students’ success. The Gator Hole website provides a quick access on campus informations. We Genesis, Khada, and Saadia, designed the Gator Hole, which has a four important tabs: A home page, what’s happening page, a gator life, and the gator talk. A home page provides all the tabs and resources for quick access to a campus resources. A campus resources includes library, center for mathematics and statistics, and sports and fitness for current students. Also, a campus contact information, apply now, and visit us buttons for...

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