Two Commercials of Different Drinks Essay

Two Commercials of Different Drinks Essay

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Which TV commercial is deeply impressed? Is it the one show up many times on TV? Is it the one have a clearly slogan? Is it the one have an unforgettable scene? I have selected 2 commercials of different drinks, which are “Red Bull Gives You Wings”, and “Coca-Cola Summer Commercial 2011, Open Happiness”. Coca-Cola is a soda drink. It is dominance of the world soft-drink market throughout the 20th century to present. Red Bull is mainly an energy drink. It is also an international marketing campaign targets young men mostly with extreme sports. For me, a successful commercial will lead people want to buy its product. The commercials of Coca-Cola and Red Bull are selling their products in different way for different people. In general, the soda drinks are always more popular than the energy drinks, but the ad of Red Bull seems better than the ad of Coca-Cola in some way.
First of all, the slogan of Red Bull commercial is simple, meaningful, and unforgettable. The slogan of Red Bull commercial says, “Red Bull gives you wings”. It is easy to get their message, and what they want to sell ...

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