Two Articles on the Mind and Defense Mechanisms and Coping Method Essay

Two Articles on the Mind and Defense Mechanisms and Coping Method Essay

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Of all the human body parts, the mind is the one that serves multiple roles. It is the part that allows humans to turn their knowledge and intelligence into useful inventions. Indeed, it is what makes humans more superior than animals. The human mind is a miraculous tool; it can store memories, protect humans from their traumatic experiences, and allow imagination to roam freely. When a person encounters a traumatic experience, the mind can automatically pull tricks to help him cope with the trauma. If one wishes to escape, one can always rely on the human mind to provide ways to diminish the pain. In Martha Stout’s article, “When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning, It Was Friday,” she explains the dissociative state that all humans go through. However, for those who have experienced trauma and are suffering from those experiences, their minds can “pull” themselves out of their bodies for days. Similarly, in “The Mind’s Eye” written by Oliver Sacks, he discusses his understandings of the mind’s eye through the experiences of his own and the ones that have been shared with him by those whose senses are impaired. For years the human mind has been clouded by the outside creations and limitations of culture; various great and not-so-great thinkers blanket the masses with their best or worst intentions, sometimes without enough concern to examine the possible repercussions. Our realities are constantly subjected to change based on the exerted realities of others. But, realizing the actual diversity across minds is the first step into fully understanding one another with no expectations. Understanding is a power everyone possesses—only few can realize. Stout and Sacks all show, although in different scenarios, how the effects of people’s coping ...

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...ollable, is key making the best out of a situation no matter how one’s defense mechanism reacts. Coping mechanisms cannot be summed up in a simple phrase such as the psychological immune system or disassociation but rather, coping mechanisms are complex and depend on the specific situation in which one is placed. Each situation, whether due to stress, tragedy, or abuse, has a different method of combat and although these mechanisms sometimes come with a price they are beneficial for the most part. In life, there will be ups and there will be downs but the manner in which the situation is dealt with is essential.

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