The Twisted Truth Behind Annabel Lee Essay examples

The Twisted Truth Behind Annabel Lee Essay examples

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"The death of a beautiful women is unquestionably the most poetic topic." This quote, stated by Poe, reflects the author’s dark and twisted perspective on life. Poe’s tragic life influenced his writing; making death the reason Poe wrote. Substance abuse, the denial of death, and self-destruction, made Poe one of America's most beloved and well-known writers. The poem "Annabel Lee" best exemplifies the author's dark past with love, death, and drug abuse.

Due to Edgar past, love influenced his writing drastically. The painful death of Poe's wife and cousin, inspired him to write "Annabel Lee". "In a kingdom by the sea" Poe describes the kingdom to be lonely and mysterious, but Poe also mentions Virginia being in the kingdom and filling it with pure love. Annabel Lee is known to be gentle, kind and persistent in love, throughout the poem, Annabel Lee's love has no complex emotion that may be dark or complicated. In the poem, "But we loved with a love that was more than love" this expression shows Poe's everlasting love for young Virginia. “ I was a child and she was a child” Edgar describes the huge age difference. Age was not a problem for young Virginia and Edgar, the age difference was fourteen years, but that did not stop the relationship, Virginia became Mrs. Poe May 16, 1836. “ Of my darling, my darling, my life and bride” another line of Poe expressing love for little Virginia. The poem “ Annabel Lee” was written two years before Virginia died, it was due to a tragic diagnose of Tuberculosis, which is what Poe’s mother and brother also died of. The era “Annabel Lee” was written during a time of Romance but since Edgar always had a dark twisting life, Poe tried to mix love and passion with mystery and darkness. Edgar and V...

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...e on throughout the years while Edgar is still considered to be one of the most talented writers. Edgar’s life experiences with love reflected upon Poe’s writing and fascination with death made Poe’s work all the better. Substance abuse, the denial of death, and self-destruction is what made Poe the die but also influenced most of Poe’s writing.

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