Twilight Of A Woman 's Soul Essay

Twilight Of A Woman 's Soul Essay

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Twilight of a Woman’s Soul is a film directed by Evgini Bauer in 1913 and is about a rich young and beautiful woman named Vera and her dark secret. In the scene that this paper analyzes the main character Vera is explaining to her husband-to-be, Prince Sergei, how she killed a man that raped her a few years in the past. In the middle of the scene, there is a flashback to when Vera is raped by Maximus, a poor person someone she is trying to help. Both the argument and the flashback are shot with one camera angle in one room but they remain some of the most powerful parts in the entire movie. The director uses of various forms of montage, camera angles, and mise-en-scène to add to the level of of complexity of this seemingly basic scene. The overall message of this scene is no matter how much you think you know about someone from the time you spent with them, what they wear, how much money they have, etc. They could have secrets that completely change how you think of them. The Prince thinks that Vera is this innocent, rich, and beautiful woman that could never do anything wrong. After...

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