The Twenty-First Century Distraction Essay

The Twenty-First Century Distraction Essay

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From most perspectives, losing money is a bad thing. From most perspectives, receiving
poor grades is a bad thing.
Since the second century BC, money has single handedly dictated how people live their
lives. Everything we do revolves around money. The people of today have a mentality that if
one makes good money; one will achieve whatever they desire. Nothing in life is ever free.
Someone had to produce a service or a product that is available for purchase. Being a productive
member of society makes that person of high value because they can effectively yield a needed
product. When everyone is a productive member of this world, the money remains in place;
however, when more and more people are becoming less productive, is when people lose money
and economic instability occurs. But, there is hope for the people. Technology is the key to
creating a more productive world. Or is it? Because technology rapidly reinvents the world,
changing people, culture, and society, individuals have been able to be more efficient and
productive with their work time, therefore making time to engage in leisure-related activities. In
the twenty-first century; however, technology is a “doubled-edged sword” slicing through once
time-consuming tasks, but also distract people from responsibilities. One of the most profound
negative influences on contemporary productivity is the extensive use of social media by high
school and college students who waste time that should be devoted to academic pursuits.
Bonacci 2
Moreover, the habit of misusing and abusing social media carries over into the work
environment, therefore not only crushing productivity, which consequently the loss of profits.
There are millions of people who have started to u...

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