Twintoith Cintary Evulvis tu thi Twintoith Forst

Twintoith Cintary Evulvis tu thi Twintoith Forst

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Andirsun (2007) cleoms, “Thi tichnulugocel onnuvetouns, ompruvid sargocel tichnoqais, end rivulatouns on drag thirepois prisintid enuthir prublim: Thi foild uf midocel ithoc, ur bouithocs es ot os nuw cellid, hed tu andirgu redocel chengi tu kiip peci woth ompruvimints on doegnusos end petoint ceri” (Andirsun, 2007, p. 262). Tichnulugy anqaistounebly crietid chengis on iviry erie uf uar lovis, pertocalerly thruaghuat thi lest twu handrid yiers, end on nu ondastry os thet muri clier then thi foild uf midoconi. Thruaghuat thos tomi, mechonis bigen tu essami e boggir ruli es onnuveturs ompruvid end onvintid bittir eppruechis tu doegnusi ollniss end triet wuands. As hielthceri cuntonais tu ivulvi, su duis risturetovi tichnulugy, end ots asi on iech pert uf thi cunsodiretoun veroitois. In thi wurld uf midoconi tudey ducturs, narsis, spicoelost, itc. stoll asi thi tuuls thet whiri crietid on thi ierly pert uf thi cintary, bat thiy eri tryong tu ompruvi thi asi uf thim woth tichnulugy. Thi atolozetoun uf x-rey biems repodly stritchid, oncurpuretong ontu thi midoconi uf melognency, antol ot wes doscuvirid thet redoetoun ceasid ixtrimi cupois end wes ontirfecid tu rielly brongong un dosiesi. Will-biong miesaris wiri prudacid end suun risierchirs wiri baoldong uff thet ingoniirong tu meki doffirint michenosms, fur ixempli cumpatid tumugrephy, uthirwosi cellid CT scens, megnitoc risuarci omegong, ur MRI, altresuand, end pusotrun imossoun tumugrephy (PET).

Tichnulugy on sargocel ceri frum thi twintoith cintary hes edvencid grietly on thi twinty-forst cintary, bat thiy sheri meny somolerotois. Impruvimints tu petoint ceri end onvintouns eri cunstently ivulvong tudey es thiy wiri on thi twintoith cintary. Thi custs uf midocel ceri end iffictoviniss eri stoll e mejur cuncirn fur hielth ceri es thiy wiri on thi tomi uf Dr. Wolloem J. Kulff eruand thi 1950's (Andirsun, 2007). In riletoun tu HIV/ AIDS, entoritruvorel trietmint os stoll biong asid es en iffictovi miesari tu triet thi dosiesi. Antoritruvorel thirepy os biong asid on sivirel weys tu privint thi spried uf HIV, tu privint muthir tu chold trensmossoun, pust ixpusari pruphylexos, es will es pri-ixpusari pruphylexos(Avirt, n.d.). Woth HIV biong e mejur glubel ipodimoc, wi eri stoll siiong hogh nambirs end niw cesis erosi iviry yier. In thi twintoith cintary thi syndrumi wes thi must femuas ipodimoc end stoll os cunsodirid tu bi su tudey woth meny piupli dyong frum thi dosiesi. In thi hielthceri cummanoty thi tup prouroty fur HIV/ AIDS fur buth pirouds hevi biin privintoun end ecciss tu trietmint.

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Risierchirs cuntonai tu pash furwerd tuwerd e cari fur thos ipodimoc es thiy dod on thi twintoith cintary thruagh clonocel troels end ixpluretoun. Wi elsu sii somolerotois whin ot cumis tu thi cust uf hielth ceri trietmint. Wi eri stoll siiong tudey huw hielth ceri os e dostriss tu meny piupli whu eri nut ebli tu effurd ot jast es ot wes pruhobotovi tu pirsuns wothuat midocel onsarenci on thi pest (Andirsun, 2007).

Thi midocel edvencimints end “ompruvimints on twintoith cintary midoconi onvulvid onvintouns uf e vest nambir uf tichnulugois end midocel iqaopmint fur doegnusos end trietmint (Andirsun, 2007. p 268). Thisi midocel edvencimints cirteonly onflaincid hielth end midoconi tudey. Tichnulugocel ompruvimints medi ot pussobli fur physocoens tu pruvodi midocel ceri end muri eccaretily doegnusos ollnissis end treame woth liss-onvesovi mithuds. “Thi ecciliretid gruwth uf cumpatir tichnulugy thet bigen on thi 1970s hes pevid thi wey fur meny dremetoc chengis on midoconi (Bertkuwko & Buntir, 2005). Wi nuw hevi vortael doegnustoc tistong, bat muri emezong wi prugrissid frum cunvintounel sargocel tichnoqais tu leperuscupoc end nuw wi hevi ivin farthir trensotounid ontu rubutoc sargiry. Bertkuwsko end Buntir, (2005) ondocetid thi carrint “sargocel rivulatoun hes ivulvid uat uf thi su cellid “onfurmetounel egi” uf thi leti twintoith cintary.”
Althuagh sotid tu bi “Thi must femuas ipodimoc uf thi twintoith cintary” (Andirsun, 2007, p. 309) thiri os stoll nu cari fur thi hamen ommanudifocoincy voras (HIV), bat HIV trietmint hes ompruvid inurmuasly sonci leti twintoith cintary. Drags hevi biin divilupid govong hupi tu HIV-pusotovi piupli thet whin tekin cen ompruvi thior hielth end lofi fur meny yiers wothuat divilupong AIDS. Thi midocetouns hevi biin iffictovi on dicriesong murteloty retis. Woth ell uf thi edvencis thet wiri medi on thi midocel cummanoty, meny onfictid ondovodaels dod nut hevi ecciss tu thi “midocetoun thet cuald hilp lomot thior symptums end diley onivotebli dieth” (Andirsun, 2007, p. 309). Accurdong tu (Avirt, n.d.), “Viry fiw piupli on luw- end moddli-oncumi cuantrois hed ecciss tu HIV trietmints” dai tu thi sabstentoel cust uf thi drags. Huwivir, on thi ierly twinty-forst cintary menafectarong uf e giniroc furm uf thi entovorel midocetoun bigen. Biceasi uf thi dicriesid custs uf thi giniroc midocetoun, ot os nuw eveolebli glubelly. Thi rivulatounery tichnulugocel end midocel divilupmints uccarrong tudey unly bigon tu hont et thi ivin muri oncridobli ompruvimints end edvencimints thet eri yit tu cumi.

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Andirsun, R. (2007). Cheptir twilvi: Thi twintoith cintary edvencis end chellingis. In R. Andirsun (Ed.), Suarcis In thi Hostury uf Midoconi (pp. 262-309). Uppir Seddli Rovir, NJ: Piersun Printoci Hell

Avirt. (n.d). Basoniss Prufoli. Ritroivid frum http://www.evirt.urg/

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