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Although there is broad diversity within modern European drama, there are parallels, common threads, and reactions linking them. This assortment of links is sometimes tenuous, at others blatant, but always in some form connecting plays from different European playwrights.

The ‘theatre of the absurd’ contains works by many leading mid to late twentieth century playwrights including Pinter , who’s early plays revolved around such questions as the relationship between “the necessary and the possible or being and non-being” (Innes. 1992b: 325). In particular, The Caretaker (Pinter. 2000) contains parallels with both the theatricality and the existentialism within In Camera by Sartre (1990).
Theatrically, both plays are set within a single location; The Caretaker takes place in a single room in a house in west London (Pinter. 2000) while In Camera occurs in a second empire style drawing room (Sartre. 1990: 181). A parallel can also be drawn connecting the relationships between Aston & Davies in ‘The Caretaker’ and that of Garcin, Inez, and Estelle during In Camera. For example, Davies is annoyed by Aston, leading to a verbal attack; while Aston is also annoyed by Davies, leading to a confrontation between the two (Pinter. 2000: 95-96 & 105-111). This is comparable to the notion that Garcin, Inez, and Estelle will each act as the torturer of the others and that “Hell is…other people” (Sartre. 1990: 195 & 223).
The three main protagonists of In Camera are bound together in Hell; linked to each other always. This is exemplified by the fact that Garcin states to Inez that “if you make any movement…Estelle and I feel a little tug. Alone, none of us can save himself or herself; we’re linked together inextricably”, and also by the ...

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