Tween Music: Marketing Through Music Essay

Tween Music: Marketing Through Music Essay

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A pre-teen or “tween” is a child between the ages of eight and twelve (Bickford 418). During this developmental stage, tweens have the ability to choose what they may purchase, but are still easily manipulated by media, especially musical content (Mazzarella 284). Focusing on tween girls, one can observe how a tween will follow the various fads and musical artists in order to fit in (Chaet 2012). Viewing children as consumers one can see how celebrities, popular trends, and carefully targeted marketing may easily mold their minds. The pre-teenage years are an integral developmental stage in which pre-teens forge their individual identities and develop friendships. This developmental stage places pre-teens themselves and the children’s music industry in a sensitive position regarding merchandizing and popular culture (Bickford 417).
Over the past decade, the children’s music industry has become a prominent entity within the modern music industry (Bickford 417). Music profits have surpassed that of television and cinema, making music the most lucrative media platform for tweens (Bickford 419; Lindstrom 122). At the start of the 1990’s, musicals and a resurgence of folk tunes that once permeated the children’s music industry were quickly replaced by a sudden increase in pop music for children (Bickford 418). By 2005, with the emergence of artists such as the Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, popular music for children had become one of the sole lucrative segments of the music industry and this reality is still true today (Bickford 418).
This resurgence of profit within the music industry occurs in conjunction with a sudden growth in a tween’s purchasing power and the “nag factor.” As stated in “Tweens: A Fo...

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...w's Review Oct. 2011: 36.

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