Tutoring Strategies for Successful Learning Essay

Tutoring Strategies for Successful Learning Essay

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Everyone has a different learning style. Unfortunately, teachers rarely have the luxury of having the time, funds, and resources to satisfy each student’s unique learning pattern. As a result, many students struggle to learn in a classroom environment. Robert E. Slavin, the author of Educational Psychology: Theory and Practice, claims“… [Peer] tutoring is one of the most effective instructional strategies known, and it essentially solves the problem of appropriate levels of instruction (Pearson 208).” Peer tutors have the potential to support and teach fellow students in a way that teachers and other adults cannot. A peer tutor can have a profound influence on how a student approaches, views, and comprehends concepts. To be effective, a peer tutor must have advanced mastery of the subject, have a comfortable relationship and communication pathway with the tutee, make firm and reachable goals, give small assessments to evaluate the tutee’s progress, and create a positive and upbeat atmosphere in tutoring sessions.
How can one teach if one has not learned? Sarahlynne Davis, a math teacher, points out, “A strong tutor will have taken advanced courses, or may have received specialized training in teaching….Tutors with past experience are familiar with typical challenges that students face. They are often able to anticipate these frustrations and offer a strategy of dealing with them before the student becomes too overwhelmed (Davis).” A peer tutor must be comfortable with all aspects of the subject. Having a firm understanding of what aspects of the subject typically cause the most confusion provides the tutor with a foundational approach to teaching a particular subject. Once a tutor has a central plan of how he or she might teac...

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