Essay on Turnover At The Service Industry

Essay on Turnover At The Service Industry

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Turnover in the service industry and particularly in the hotel industry is an important issue to successful staffing of positions in both the US and in Russia. Therefore, in this study we examined front line hotel employees’ intention to turnover both in hotel organizations and their intention to leave the service industry. We found that turnover and the traditional antecedent of turnover job satisfaction was a significant factor in both countries. Also, other variables suggested by the extant service literature, managerial support, co-worker support and burnout are significant antecedents to job satisfaction and ultimately intent to leave their employers. These finding support existing studies across multiple countries, except in Russia burnout did not directly influence an employee’s intention to leave the industry. Perhaps given the growth in the hotel industry in Russia, hotel employees may hold expectations that the situation in other hotels may not lead to the same level of burnout. This is also support by the fact that the mean scores of the variable intent to leave the industry are significantly lower in Russia.
There were significant differences in the means in co-worker support between the US and Russia with Russia having the lower mean score for co-worker support then the US. In Russia it remains unclear as to whether this is the result of the differing levels of Hofstede’s culture dimension of collectivism versus individualism. In Russia individualism is 39 and in the United States it is 91 ( Perhaps co-worker support is important but it is also expected and perhaps not recognized as contributing what it actually does. This is supported by the indirect effect that co-work...

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...ment to reduce turnover by addressing the antecedents will have varying degrees of success. The variance explain in each country is different thus actions will not have equal effects. Management of the new Western owned hotels being built in Russia need to understand that management styles used in the US may have the same impact in Russia as they do in the US.
Limitations of the Study
This study suffers from many of the common criticisms of survey research. It represents a point in time in two countries thus; its generalizability may be limited. The data collection method of snowball may be subject to bias although we did not control in any way who received the survey and the invitations to participate were not biased in any way we can identify. The sample appears consistent in demographics with other similar studies and published industry data in both countries.

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