Turning to Environmentally Friendly Products to Limit Toxins in the Spokane River

Turning to Environmentally Friendly Products to Limit Toxins in the Spokane River

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PCBs are contributors to the impurity of water in the environment, which is why we believe the Task Force should urge the public to use alternative, environment friendly products. Since bleached paper and dyed papers contain high levels of PCBs or chemicals related to the inadvertent production of PCBs, these types of products should be avoided as much as possible(Christie 31). The yellow legal pad is a specific example of a pigmented paper that is quite detrimental to the environment. The high levels of toxins in that specific type of yellow dye are large contributors to the PCBs that come out of recycling plants and as runoff (Christie 19). It is nearly impossible for recycling plants to remove all PCBs from the water and waste, so much of the PCBs are being cycled back into the surrounding environment. The amount of chlorine bleach used to whiten paper should be reduced because the chlorine is a component of PCBs. If less chlorine is used or a chlorine alternative, any PCBs created would be less chlorinated, therefore leading to more biodegradable PCBs (Furukawa 223). As noted in the survey we conducted, students and adults alike are willing to use alternative paper products. If the harmfulness of bleach and dyes were stressed to the public on a greater scale, we believe it would be possible to greatly decrease the number of harmful products purchased and used.
We conducted our own study to find out if people were interested in buying products that are more environmentally friendly (See figure 1). We asked if participants would be interested in buying products that are more environmentally friendly. We used Facebook to distribute our survey. We had 155 respondents (Thomson 1). We asked respondents if they wo...

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