Turning Personal Problems Into Public Issues Essay

Turning Personal Problems Into Public Issues Essay

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1. Seeing the general in the particular-(sociological perspective) Is looking for general patterns in behaviors of Particular individuals. A good example of that is when choosing a club to belong to in college. People tend to pick clubs based on common factors like, for example: religion,age,interests and majors.
2. Seeing society in our everyday lives- Is seeing how everyday choices and decisions are shaped by society. An example of this is the kind of education you receive. Factors like race,age,culture,income and where you live can factor on what education level you receive.
3. Turning personal problems into public issues (box)- Sociological Imagination is turning your personal problems into issues for the public. For example: A guy get 's turned down for an interview, starts selling drugs due to the student loans he has to pay back. Another example is family outings are an excuse to spend time with the family.
4. Manifest and latent functions- manifest functions are consequences people anticipate or observe. Manifest functions benefit society. An example of a manifest function is where MLB creates an anti-doping commission. Where latent functions are unrecognized or without intent. An example of a latent function is where baseball players create an organization to hide steroids from the MLB.
5. Seeing the strange in the familiar- Sociological perspective shows how society shapes our ideas and how we live our lives. A good example of why you chose to attend HFC? some people may respond my friends go there, etc.
6. Debunking motif- Is going beyond the surface to understand the deeper meaning and make way for alternative implications of different common beliefs. A good example of this is when you see two people who want to g...

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.... C. Wright Mills- Wright 's most influential work was The sociological imagination. The book allowed people to understand how the world was viewed from a sociologist point of view. He also wrote The power elite, which was written about how The military/industrial complex and government elite create and maintain a controlled society with a interlocked power structure.
16. Peter Berger- Peter has done work in, the study of religion, the study of modernization and theoretical contributions to sociology. He also wrote the book, The Social Construction of Reality, the book was named one of the most important books of the 20th century by the International Sociological Association.
17. Robert Merton- Robert had refined various important aspect of Functionalism. Merton also came up with Merton 's theory of Deviance which explains how internal changes can occur in the system.

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