Turner and Constable- Landscape Painters Essay

Turner and Constable- Landscape Painters Essay

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The industrial revolution in 19th century England saw one of the biggest changes in terms of social, cultural and philosophical values and in turn saw big reaction in the arts. The period brought with it advancements in materials, progression in scientific theory and change in social structure. Art and Architecture broke away from political and religious powers whom previously dictated the artistic genre, allowing artists greater freedom to express themselves. Along with this prosperity and excitement of the new industrial world came an uncertainty about changing times. Reaction to the rationalism of the Neo-classicism and the idealisation of the industrial age artists sought to place emphasis on drama over harmony and emotions over rational reason. Artists in this time where less worried about the traditional canons of how to paint and placed a focus on using painting techniques to heighten the feelings or points they were expressing. These circumstances of the period ultimately resulted in the artistic movement we now know as the romantic period. The romantics were seeking express human emotion and promote artistic individuality to save social values from the clutches of the rational machine age.
This essay will consider two landscape painters and explore their work, John Constable - West End Fields Hampstead, noon ca. 1822 & J.M.W. Turner - Rain, Steam and Speed ca. 1844 illustrating the social, cultural and philosophical concerns and values of 19th Century England and discuss how these artists have chosen to express their interpretations of the epoch, focusing on their aim, technique, and subject matter.
John Constable and The Natural Eye (West End Fields Hampstead, noon)
John Constable’s work demonstrates his scientific...

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...he publication of the only known original manuscript of any of his sketching tours, J. Anderson, New York, 1926
This gives an interesting look at his travels and who he was as an artist. This book offers a variety of quotes and thoughts of other individuals about Turner and his work. Interesting resource to complete the picture of Turner’s life and interpretations by others.

Wilton, A, Turner and the Sublime, British museum publications, London, 1980.
Wilton explores the sublime within a range of Turners works of various media. The sublime is discussed and categorised, Turners work is also categorised in order to discuss the themes within his large oeuvre. This book provided a good look into the notion of the sublime and how Turner applies it in his personal way, highlighting Turner’s skill not only in his oils but his water colours and topographical drawings.

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