Turkey: Bridge Between the Western World and the Middle East Essay

Turkey: Bridge Between the Western World and the Middle East Essay

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Turkey being an intercontinental country is situated in Southwestern Asia and Southeastern Europe. Turkey is a vast country with comparatively few natural resources. Turkey has taken various steps to recover and develop its investment strategy by the governmental reformation, by terminating the foreign investment screening, and by strengthening copyright/patent laws (and law making). On the other hand, investments have been inhibited due to the arguments raised which involves foreign investors and certain policies in Turkey such as high tax policy and ongoing gaps in the copyright/patent government in power. Turkey also has many two-sided investment and tax agreements between countries even with the United States that assure free deportation of investment and assets in exchangeable currencies and get rid of dual tax income. In 1952, Turkey merged with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Turkey is also a European Union candidate now.

“Kurds wanted to have an independent nation of its own. Therefore, it got involved in several fights with Turkey demanding equal political and social rights” (Mohammed Fiyaz Al Ahmed, 22 February 2014, 1:50:17 PM). Yes, Kurdish independence was one of the major domestic issues faced by Turkey at all levels. The Kurdish–Turkish encounter is an armed dispute between the Republic of Turkey and the Kurds. The Kurds has called for separation from Turkey in order to create an autonomous Kurdistan and also to experience greater political, social and human rights for Kurds within Turkey. The main rebellious group is the PKK that is known as the Kurdistan Workers' Party. Most of them in Turkey were not ready and was against the Kurdish autonomy. Likewise, some of them in the PKK did not want the ...

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...tion of energy from the Middle East to Europe where Turkey paves way for the distribution. Turkey have been acting as a mediator between Iran and the U.S. over Syria. For all these reasons Turkey was and still important to many of the countries including U.S.

First and foremost policy that U.S. and the other countries pursue towards Turkey is the promotion of democracy. It should be based on the fact that democracy has got worldwide importance and is not just the sole cultural privilege of progressive Western civilizations. Another noticeable U.S. foreign policy principle is a persistence that rules everywhere around the world so as to demonstrate a respect for human rights. Turkey must stop its actions against human civil rights which is in turn destructing its own citizens. Another policy must be the persistent hostility to violence in the international system.

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