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In this lab report, the item that is selected to analyze, is a turbine blade, specifically in the aviation purposes such as a jet engine/gas turbine. This part was picked because it is a crucial part in the field of aviation, and there are many different aspects and techniques that go into producing them. Turbine blades have to deal with extreme conditions such as high temperature and high pressure gas, high vibration, and high stress, which is why they are usually the limiting factor in a jet engine.
The turbine is a part of a jet or gas engine. A jet engine consists of 4 main parts: the air intake, the compression, the combustion, and the exhaust. The intake is responsible for collection as much air as possible into the engine. Throughout the compression phase, air is compressed causing to to move at higher velocity. It is then mixed with fuel in the combustion chamber to create even more pressure. The turbine then propels this extremely hot and high pressured air out through the exhaust. The exhaust is in a funnel shape which increases the gas velocity even more [1]. The turbine is definitely the component of a jet engine that undergoes the toughest conditions which is why it is so crucial. Material Scientists are inventing new materials and techniques to create better properties to improve the quality of the turbine blade.
Since the invention of jet engines, there has always been a steady increase in their power and efficiency. As a comparison, the air temperature inside the turbine has risen from about 600 degrees Celsius to over 1500 degrees Celsius. This change has caused a 60% increase in power and a 20% decrease in fuel usage. These drastic changes have also caused a change in the materia...

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Side note: We are aware it’s wikipedia, but it cites 30 reliable sources which are all academic journals. Most of the sites required payment so we were unable to cite those sources which is why we had to resort citing wikipedia for the general information.

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