Essay on Trying to Live up to Media Stereotypes

Essay on Trying to Live up to Media Stereotypes

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Everyone in the United States has the access to some form of media, whether it is watching advertisements on the television or seeing an advertisement on the computer. People see an advertisement every day. Most people when they see an advertisement they do not think too much about it. Most people would notice the product trying to be sold. However, what people do not notice are the underlying messages in advertisements. Then young children are expose to all the different types of advertisements and get a sense of that they should grow up to fit into gender stereotypes. However, since advertisements are everywhere and young people are exposed to the advertisements from such an early age the young people get the message that when they grow up they should look, behave, and be a certain way according to society.
In advertisements the way men and women are portrayed are vastly different. In advertisements with men the men are seen as confident, strong, reliable, and dominant. The men are handsome and wearing expensive suits to radiate an aura of power. If the men are not really wearing clothes than they are showing off their body to radiate of an aura of sexiness while being surrounded by women. The advertisers message towards men is trying to say that with their products the men could also radiate power and be surrounded by women as well. Men are strong and the message is delivered. Extremely different are the advertisements with women. In advertisements with women the women are seen as weak, submissive, and as objects. With these ads the women are seen as the ideal women, which can be negative because it influences young girls to try to achieve this perfect image. Then when the young girls do not they punish themselves. Sometimes i...

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... are submissive and have to submit to men. People have been seeing advertisements since childhood so the meaning of the message is unconsciously processed through the mind. Then when the child grows up the idea of men dominating women and women submitting to women is not strange. It is the social norm so when violence occurs it does not seem wrong because they grew up with the notion that violence is okay because it is everywhere.
Today in a world where everyone is surrounded by technology the amount of advertisements a person sees is about over 3,000. While the intended goal of advertisements is to sell a certain product there is an unintended message that gets conveyed to the people. Women get the idea that they are suppose to look like the ideal women while being submissive to men whereas men get the idea that they are powerful and need to dominate over women.

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