Trying to Define My Identity Essay examples

Trying to Define My Identity Essay examples

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Have you ever thought about who you are? What really, really makes you, you? Everything you've come across in your personal journey on your own rocky path changes you. It makes you. Sometimes I forget what really makes me. Why I'm on this long, seemingly endless journey myself. One's identity is solely themselves. Whether they find themselves in music or friendship or even sports. So what has shaped my identity?
I was born just like everybody else, but I assure you I will not bore you with grueling details, just the ones that are important to my story. I have both my parents and live in a quaint little house that just so happens to sit in a famous river town thanks to a classic fiction writer. I grew up into a ornery toddler happy to be getting a play mate also known as a brother. From there I aged and was told I had to go to a place all day without my Momma and listen to some other lady teach me how to do things.
I remember my mom crying all the way there which really worried me 'cause if she was crying and she wasn't even the one going it must be pretty bad. And then walking up the front steps to that mysterious place called school, with my Momma and little brother, I decided I would go without a fight. I wandered down the hallway and met the new lady in charge. She was tall, younger than my momma but alright. I ran to the car that afternoon telling the tales of my new, daily adventure school. I went everyday since then and suddenly the adventure wasn't so exciting. I kept growing and learning, I switched elementary schools and climbed up the ladder of knowledge making my way to the end of the sub-journey, also known as the fifth grade. I started begging my momma to let me play volleyball that year, and from then on it wa...

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...ger. Music changed me and shaped me, molded me and guided me through so many obstacles. It's like a second savior.
I think that having found my identity and who I am in Christ, it has helped me find my identity as a person in all aspects of my life. I found that to know my full identity and who I truly was I needed to first find my identity in all the little places whether it was in my music, family, friends or God. Although it all looks pretty boring and generic from someone on the outside, I wouldn't change my life or who I am for anything. I don't know how others see me and what they're opinion of who I am is. But I know for a fact exactly who I am and I know that my God knows me better than I know myself, and that for me is all I need. I don't find my identity in others. I find it in my relationship with family. I find it in my friendships. In music. In Christ.

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