The Truth Within The Lies Essay

The Truth Within The Lies Essay

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The Truth Within the Lies
A lie can protect the integrity of someone when the truth is nowhere to be found. A lie becomes one 's reality when all hope is lost. Lies can protect bare emotions or embrace one 's false accusations, however once said the truth no longer exists. Spoken with words or depicted by actions, lies evolve from innate feelings within and conspire individuals to act in detrimental ways. The propensity of individuals to lie within the Puritan Society develops from the fear of not fitting within the standards and expectations a Puritan is expected to have. While a lie is a considered a vast sin in the Puritan community, many rely on this sin to covert other ones previously made. In Arthur Miller 's tragic play The Crucible, lies devour individuals while masking their hidden feelings of loneliness, fear, and frustration.
The reclusive emotions of feeling lonely and empty conspire Abigail Williams to convulsively lie to herself and others around her. The plot of the play is pushed by her lies because of the severe consequences they cause and the hysteria that floods the town’s once pure society. Abigail commits her first lie as she tells her uncle Parris and Reverend Hale of Beverly, “I never called him! Tituba, Tituba…” (43) Abigail Williams has been questioned by both her Uncle Parris and Hale, a weighty spiritual doctor that has been called into their town, about what she and her friends were doing in the forest when her uncle spotted them. While Abigail knew the conjuring of spirits and casting a spell upon Elizabeth Proctor was not permitted in the Puritan society and could lead to banishment or death of both her and her friends, she decides to give in to the propensity to lie and put the blame elsewhere. He...

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...eling of frustration both pushed his lies and seized them when he realized the amount of guilt and remorse he would feel if he allowed himself to condemn to them.
A lie can evolve from various feelings of hopelessness, dismay and irritation. In Arthur Miller’s tragic play The Crucible, characters are confronted with the natural tendency to lie and save themselves from blame, loss of friends, and persecution. The deeper motive behind each character 's lie conveys a larger message Miller has incorporated throughout the entire play. While a lie can benefit someone or a situation momentary, it will only lead to more, causing a chain reaction of falsehood and guilt. While some characters in The Crucible abandon the truth and allow lies to control their life, others sacrifice everything they have to redeem the untainted truth they lost.


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