The Truth within Creation Myths Essay

The Truth within Creation Myths Essay

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In the dictionary, a myth is “an ancient story; a traditional story about heroes or supernatural beings, often attempting to explain the origins of natural phenomena or aspects of human behavior”, which, in the context of our lessons, is correct. But this definition is so logical and steely that it couldn’t possibly encompass even a fraction of the meaning that they held for the people who created them, and, thus, believed them to be not fiction, but truth.
When early man began pining for answers to everyday occurrences, they found them, usually. But, without records or tales, their origin (our origin) remained firmly beyond their comprehension. So, what is early man to do, so that he may sleep peacefully at night without such a nagging curiosity? He is to dream up creation myths, and, stemming from those, religion.
Creation myths are fascinating examples of the values within the culture they were created. While being diverse in the means, along with the number of creators, they all also show many similar ends—Many speak of a “Cosmic Egg”, where either the Creator and/or all matter springs forth from the egg once it breaks or hatches, and a classic example of this story is the Chinese Myth featuring the giant Phan Ku.
As stated in the Chinese Myth, in the beginning, there was only an egg containing all—A mixture of all matter, all forces, and mixture of Ying-Yang—including Phan Ku. He broke out of the egg, and thus released its contents. All was created in this brief moment, and then Phan Ku goes on to shape the world.
Omitting many of the unnecessary details, the Chinese Myth is fairly straightforward: the Creator emerges from a cosmic egg and makes what we now see every day the way it is. It definitely serves the purpose...

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...a large role in their beliefs. Personally, although I am an Atheist through and through, I would like have an afterlife in “The Happy Field Of Food” if I was good, and I would enjoy knowing that all the evil in the world would be cast down by Anubis and fed to Ammut. It sounds like, with such a risk hanging over you, would make quite a pleasant society, but that is just me.
Creation Myths make great, interesting tales to explain away the hardships and troubles that early man has had to face, along with giving them guidance and an origin. If these Myths did not exist, one can be sure to expect that our society would be far different than what it is now. Still, to this day, Creation Myths shape our society by telling us what is good and what is bad, how certain situations should be handled, and, above all, giving organization to what could be anarchy and negativity.

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