The Truth Value Is Not True Essay

The Truth Value Is Not True Essay

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But this still doesn’t entail knowledge. Knowledge requires truth, but the future’s truth value is undefined. The events in question have yet to occur, and thus whether or not they will occur is questionable. So, any one of these future events could be true or false. Thus, the truth value is undefined. If the truth value is undefined then the belief is not true. If it cannot be true then it cannot be knowledge. Instead, since we can be justified in our future beliefs, the most we can obtain is a justified belief. Thus, the artists are correct we cannot have knowledge of the future; we can only have justified beliefs.
The fact that we can only have justified beliefs about the future is enough to show that the scientists are incorrect. To justify a belief, an individual gives reasons as to why they believe that the belief is probably true . These reasons are subjective, as they are why I believe something, and may be different from why you believe the same belief. Since it is subjective, justification is thus debatable. Now, the scientists are looking to end all political debates thro...

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