The Truth of Organizational Justice Essay

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The field of organizational behavior has become more dynamic from last two or three decades as the world economy is uplifted like skyrocketing. It has caught the attention of many International organizations to meet the challenges to understand motivating employees of different cultures, whether they are intending to go for investment in other country, or consider hiring skilled employees from other countries. Organization can get maximum output from employees, if there is a culture where every one thinks that he is getting rewards as per expectations and management gives priority to their voices. When employees consider that their concerns are welcomed and properly addressed by the management then there is no reason they accelerate their efforts to hundred percent. The thing which really does matter is organizational employees who need more attention and care than any other valuable think organizations may possess. The organizational behavior’s researcher and practitioner have opined that only umbrella of organizational justice can integrate all workforce towards achievement of mission and vision. The consequences of lack of organizational justice pose serious problem, issues like how pay should be allotted, how other raises and benefits should be allocated and what should be the parameters for distribution of reward, fairly and justifiably, are critical for firm. (Folger & Konovsky, 1989) introduce the distinction regarding justice perception noting that “distributive justice refers to the perceived fairness of the amounts of compensation employees receive; procedural justice refers to the perceived fairness of the means used to determine those amounts” (p.115). The theoretical rational of organizational justice can be traced b...

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