The Truth Of Good And Evil Essay

The Truth Of Good And Evil Essay

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Confucianism believes that grief and evil are inevitable in people’s lives. It encourages education and development. A sin is considered to be not a mistake, but a chance to learn and improve next time. Compassion for the suffering of other people also gives motivation to grow morally; however, not everybody can feel empathy. To get the Daoist notion of good and evil, it is essential to differentiate the "idea" of evil against the "reality" of evil. Taoists do not oppose the ideas of good to those of evil. They understand the interdependence of all oppositions. It means that when a person tags something as good, he/she unconsciously produces something wicked. All concepts are usually based on one aspect set off against another. The truth of good and evil is that all actions have both characteristics. This is represented in the yin-yang symbol. Every action will have some negative (yin) and some positive (yang) feature. Taoists rely on the idea that nature is a balance between yin and yang. Another approach to comprehending this notion is the understanding of the reality of good and evil. An individual does not have to focus on the concept of good and evil as in a little while all bad things will be replaced by good ones. Although Daoism and Confucianism seem to be completely different, these two religions have something in common. Both of them strive for comprehending a person and a world around him/her. They suggest achieving harmony in different ways, but the goal is the same – comprehension of the world (Smith 156; 218).
Water is one of Lao-Tsu 's most significant and important signs of Dao. A person who lives Dao behaves as water does in the nature (“The World 's Religions: Taoism (Daoism)” n. pag.). Water is obedient. It nev...

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...h Confucianism. They are both ancient Chinese ways of living. While Confucianism aims at organizing people’s lives by setting a worth example Daoism centers on pleasant living. Both of the doctrines are religions and philosophies at the same time. Confucianism stresses human conduct over trust in God. Daoism, in its turn, pays attention to people 's relationship with nature and their attitude to it. Daoists’ and Confucians’ views of the role of people in society, their competitions and concepts of good and evil differ. Daoism does not approve the idea of struggle and rivalry. Each person has to live his/her own life, listening only to himself/herself. Vice versa, Confucianism strives for competition; one of the central ideas of this philosophy is following the example. However, both philosophies and religions strive for a harmonious life, which makes a person happy.

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