The Truth in Postmodern Culture Essay

The Truth in Postmodern Culture Essay

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Truth in a Postmodern Culture

Over the past thirty years, generations understand the world around us is made up of worldly views and patterns of thoughts that inform the culture. Postmodernism informs more of the current culture than of the past, and plays a major role in media, politics, and religion. Postmodernism relies more on experience rather than specific principles, knowing that the outcome of one’s experience will be relative than universal. Postmodernism implies a shattering of innocent confidence in the capacity of the self to control its own destiny. These are some characteristics that researchers find important?
1. Are all religions one of the same?
2. How much can be tolerated in a culture?
3. Can truth be absolute?

Are all religions one of the same?
In this book, Bachman argued that everyone worships the same God. For example, Judaism and Satanism are not mutually the same but are both expressions of worshipping the same deity. If there is no supernatural world (meaning no God), and all the religions of the world find their source in the minds of men, which deems them all useless. In the words of Governor Jesse Ventura “It makes no difference which religion one chooses, they are all crutches created by weak minded people who need help coping with the cruel world. Studies show that two groups can talk about the same God in ways that are not admitting of something else and still agree that they are talking about the same being. Some examples are Islam religion believes that Jesus is merely a prophet and that he is not divine, and Christianity believes that Jesus is God incarnate.
Because of the diversity and impact that religion has on the lives of Americans, the individual belief should be treated as equal, not t...

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...requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts now accusing, now even defending them. “ (Romans 2:14-16)
More recent studies show another evidence of absolute truth is science. Science is the pursuit of knowledge. All scientific studies believe that there are objective realities existing in the world and theses realities are discovered and proven. Without absolute what would researchers study? The laws of Science are found on absolute truth.
Lastly, religion shows evidence of absolute truth. All religions of the world give meaning and definition to life. Religion was made from mankind’s desire to want more than existence. Through religion, humans hope to get closer to God by asking for forgiveness and asking challenging questions. God who is the “Creator” becomes the standard for absolute truth.

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