Truth Behind The American Dream Essay

Truth Behind The American Dream Essay

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Truth behind the American Dream
Is the American Dream only a dream or can it ever be achieved? In the United States, the basic motto is to attend the American Dream. It is the ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work; determination, and initiative. It does not matter if a person was born in a poor family; he or she has equal opportunities to attain the American Dream. The American Dream basically means success in life with a nice house, a job, knowledge and especially the pursuit of happiness. Similarly, The Great Gatsby is a novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, who plays with the idea of weather the American Dream is attainable. He projects the American Dream during the roaring twenties with the character named Jay Gatsby. Gatsby strives for the American Dream. As a result, Gatsby 's does not fully attains the American Dream but a glimpse of the it because he only achieves his dream for the first half of his life. The idea of the American Dream changes during the 1920s and Gatsby misinterprets the idea of the American Dream, so he fails to attain the American Dream.
Gatsby for the first half of his life has a true American Dream. Gatsby partly owns the American Dream because of his great achievement in wealth. He captures everything a wealthy man could possibly own. For example, a big house, a fancy pool, acres of land, garden, cars, etc(5). He never lacks the discomfort of buying something that was out of his reach. Furthermore, hard-work is another part of a true American Dreamers. Gatsby 's success was only possible with his tough mindset that working hard leads to success. Gatsby once had nothing. As Nike states,"his parents were shiftless and unsuccess...

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...roughout the course of his life. On top of that his death signifies his American Dream dies with him. All he ever built was gone with him.
In conclusion, Gatsby clearly does not attain the American Dream but only a glimpse of it. He attains wealth, but that is not enough to acquire love. He tries to capture the money rather than the pursuit of happiness of his dream through his life. He clearly misinterprets the American Dream. On the process of wealth he loses the value of relationships. He is only a true American Dream in his youth ages when he worked hard. Gatsby 's ultimate dream was never completed. He felt by repeating the past he could win daisy heart since he is now rich. Gatsby 's death signifies that he never truly attains his American Dream. The true American Dream can only be attain through pursuing it every day rather than waiting for the final moment.

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