The Truth Behind The Abuse Of Power And Authority Essays

The Truth Behind The Abuse Of Power And Authority Essays

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In this reflection will uncover the truth behind the abuse of power and authority in the government sector. This paper will examine in depth the procs and cons of working in a female oppose to a male dominated work environment. Lastly, briefly touch on discrimination based on race/ ethnicity that continue to effect many minorities. Also, I will be discussing the working dynamics of one of my closest friends because I’m currently unemployed. My friend currently works for the federal government. She works for General Services Administration as a procurement technician at the Hawaii Field Office. After the Peace Corps she wanted to work in a new and culturally refreshing place.
Her office is split into three separate entities under the space organization (GSA). Her section consists of contractor official, program mangers, leasing supervisors and procurement technicians. The first thing that caught my friend’s attention was the presence of a female dominated workplace, and with a female boss. Over in her section, there are 5 males and 5 females, with a female boss. On the other section, there are 4 males and 1 female, with a male boss. We will examine the relationship the female boss has with her subordinates in comparison to the male boss on the other section. We will leave out the third entity under the umbrella of GSA, because it does not bear fruit. For this particular research she chose to compile all her data discretely and covertly. Because she is still new to the work environment, and does not want to draw any unwanted attention to herself.

Types of Work
The women in this particular workplace have secretarial responsibilities, they make sure everything is in order and the building is functioning with all needed supplies....

... middle of paper ...

...15. Her coworker was a bit dumbfounded because she was aware that two other (white) employees recently changed their AWS. As soon as she brought that to their attention they were shocked she knew, and didn’t know how to response to that. So, after several minutes, the boss approached her black coworker and apologized for the confusion and approved her AWS.
This is a great example of conflict theory because it clearly defines a conflict between the boss and her ‘friends’ and the employee of color striving for equal treatment. This could’ve ended gravely however, her black coworker understood the chain of authority and approached the situation with confidence and evidence to back her claim of changing her AWS situation.

In this particular workplace many social norms about men and women characteristics can indicate the types of relationships they have.

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