Essay on The Truth Behind Hard Work

Essay on The Truth Behind Hard Work

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The Truth Behind Hard Work

Is there anyone in this world that you look up to? Do you think that you would consider them a hard worker? Is she/he intelligent, strong, resilient or confident in their abilities? On the other hand, do you think that they are stressed, tired, and just don’t want to work another day in their lives? Due to Mainstream society and how it has indoctrinated our belief that hard workers are the people that are well known for their contributions, chances are the answer is the second one. Common jobs such as the typical office worker, people in the construction industry, and jobs in the restaurant business would also be considered hard workers too, wouldn 't they? Other examples of these people are music artists, inventors of world changing products, and possibly even sports athletes. Common trends in the word today have led us to believe that hard work is defined as world changing and well known for its contributions. In reality hard work shows the characteristics of mental or physical strain on the body, the requirement of a specific skill, and must result in a designated outcome whether it be monetary or intrinsic.

The mental or physical strain on the body categorizes hard work because without some sort of stress factor there would be no such thing as work. Every person that has worked a day in their life will admit to feeling a stressful force against them. Hard work cannot exist without stress because stress causes anxiety resulting in mental breakdowns throughout the workplace. According to Magnet Communications in their national survey titled Wellness in the Workplace “white collar workers and blue collar workers share many common experiences in the workplace, but blue collar workers report many more...

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...e that mainstream ideals have indeed changed the way that we interpret hard work. Hard work isn’t only done by people who are known around the world for their accomplishments, but it is also done by the people who are uncelebrated and struggle through every day. Previously mentioned, Anderberg proclaims “It’s true that there are different kinds of hard work, but they’re both hard in their own way. The truth is that the world belongs to those who hustle. Ambition without elbow grease won’t get you anywhere. Even this generation’s career heroes, the late Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Richard Branson work(ed) insanely hard at their jobs. You only see glitz, but they’ve burned more than their fair share of midnight oil. Hard work should not be thought of as only contributions that change the world, it should be thought of as contributions that people make every day”.

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