The Truth Behind Gmos Are Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

The Truth Behind Gmos Are Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

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The Truth behind GMOs
GMOs are genetically modified organisms. Monsanto is the leading biotechnology company that produces GMO infested crops. Laboratories genetically engineer them to help them survive in climates that they would not usually survive in which is a good thing. Madeline Ostrander states, “In the greenhouse, the researchers force the rice to cope with heat and deprive it of water just as it’s about to set seed. So far, the genetically altered rice is outperforming the natural kind—given less moisture, the non-engineered rice browns and wilts, but the new plant survives” (Ostrander 24). Making plants/crops live in climates where they should not be is a good type of genetically engineering because it will be needed in the future with the changing climate. GMOs are produced from the Monsanto Company, they are hurting farmers in more ways than one, and they may not be as good as one would come to believe.
The Monsanto Company is a leading provider in genetically engineered seeds. The output of their company is simple, feed a hungry world. William O’Brien says, “They are part of a great tradition of human technology that insists that, with a bit of scientific tinkering, we can improve on the limitations and blandness of Mother Nature. And of course, Monsanto, its PR machine insists, is simply putting technology at the service of the people, helping to feed a hungry world” (O’Brien 1). Although it seems that they mean well, some do not believe that at all. Monsanto is judged extremely and is one of the most hated companies. O’Brien states, “Many of Monsanto 's patented genetically modified seeds are designed to be infertile after planting, forcing farmers to buy new seeds each year instead of practicing the ancient art o...

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...rtant to test for them specifically in humans who eat GMOs.
The Monsanto Company clearly does not mean good for the world. Their efforts to modify crops and have GMOs in them has successfully work, in the United States. Thousands of farmers have been hurt by this company, and that is most likely the reason that they are one of the most hated companies in the world. Farmers all around the world need to be aware of the acts of Monsanto, and what they have caused. GMOs need to be labeled on processed foods in the United States, since it is one of the only countries that allows them to be sold in stores without knowledge about them. More research needs to be done to see if GMOs are harmful to ones or not. There is very little research done over them and what they can really do. Monsanto controls many GMO crops, farmers are getting hurt, and little is known about them.

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