The Truth about Lung Cancer

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Do you know what Lung Cancer is? Expanding your knowledge on Lung Cancer can save your life or the life of someone you may know. Learning about the demographics and statistics of lung cancer might make you realize that it is a serious issue that should be taken more into consideration. Here, you will get an understanding on how to prevent lung cancer from happening, and you will also learn how to treat lung cancer if diagnosed. Lung Cancer occurs when a person has abnormal cells that are uncontrollably growing in one or both lungs. Abnormal cells function very differently than normal cells and they do not develop into healthy tissue. Abnormal cell growth can decrease the amount of oxygen getting to the body via blood by developing tumors and interfering with the functioning of the lungs (Lung, n.d.). Cells in the body contain a genetic material referred to as DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). When cells mature they divide into 2 new cells by duplicating its DNA. This means that cells make an exact copy of themselves in order to allow our bodies to maintain a normal healthy lifestyle. When an abnormal cell begins to mature in our body, it will also duplicate itself forming other abnormal cells in our body. This is known as an error, or mutation in a cell’s DNA which is known to be the beginning of cancer. There are many possible causes to DNA mutation such as normal aging, cigarette smoke, inhaling asbestos fibers, and excessive exposure to radon gas (Lung, n.d.). All though it takes a series of mutations to develop lung cancer, one mutation divides into two mutations which divide into four mutations and so on. In this chain reaction, each abnormal cell passes on its abnormal genes to the next cell it divides i... ... middle of paper ... ... friends to quit smoking and stay away from environmental exposures asbestos. Share the knowledge you know about lung cancer to your peers because it could save somebody’s life one day if they know how to look for symptoms and ways to prevent and treat the horrible life threatening disease. Works Cited American Cancer Society. (2014). Retrieved from (n.d.). Retrieved from American lung association. (2014). Retrieved from National Cancer Institue. (2014). Retrieved from

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