The Truth about Climate Change Essay

The Truth about Climate Change Essay

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Since 1950 greenhouse gases have increased from 1200 million metric tons to 6500 million metric tons. A whopping 542% increase within 50 years opposed to 1900-1950 which was a 240% increase (What is Climage Change). Global climate change is not controversial. It has been affecting the world around us since the 1950’s. Climate change is causing devastating problems for the world’s essential resources because it is increasing extreme weather patterns which is decreasing energy production and transportation and is causing agriculture to suffer.
Climate change is increasing extreme weather patterns. The ocean’s waters are becoming warmer which gives more energy to tropical storms. An example of this is hurricane Katrina in 2005. This storm was the deadliest hurricane to every hit America, killing 1,833 people, and it was also the costliest storm, causing $125 billion in damage. Droughts and wildfires are also more likely to occur because of the warmer climate. From 1992-2002 was the most extensive drought in 40 years. In 2006 new records were set with over 100,000 fires reported and almost 10million acres of land burned. Heavier and more frequent rain storms are also a cause of the warmer climate. The annual precipitation has increased 5-10% since the beginning of the 20th century. The northeast region had its wettest summer on record in 2006 (Consequences of Global Warming). As a result of the warmer climate associated with climate change the weather patterns are becoming more extreme. Tropical storms are becoming more deadly, wildfire and droughts are becoming more frequent, and rain storms are increasing in precipitation and frequency.
Energy production and transportation is decreasing due to global climate change. As stated in th...

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...o, engineers need to focus on the effects and causes of global warming to find solutions to these drastic and fatal problems. If climate change goes unattended for too long it will be too late.

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