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“The Trusty” is a work of fiction, written by Ron Rash, that tells the story of a man and a woman who try to escape their lives. In this short story, Sinkler is depicted as a scandalous but also as a distressed character. Many painted events lead to the illustration of a peculiar setting in which Sinkler is experiencing some abnormal instances. Sinkler is not dead, and his characterization has lead the audience to believe his flawed mental state is the reason why.
Arguably, some readers may be lead to believe that Sinkler is not dead due to all the supporting evidence which imply this theory. First of all, the audience may interpret Sinkler as delusional because it could be easily said that Sinkler shows a desperate appeal when approaching Lucy and mentions the word "thirst" throughout the whole story in different ways. One way the author conveys this idea of desperation is by writing, "Eighteen months, a year and a half, had passed since he’d been with a woman. After that long, almost any female would make the sap rise" (1). This pushed readers to think that maybe Sinkler is making up Lucy and these events to fulfill his loneliness and urges. Given the setting, Sinkler and Lucy are alone and far from civilization in Asheville, North Carolina. Sinkler 's surroundings are described in this sentence, "He filled the second bucket but made no move to leave, instead of looking around at the trees and mountains as if just noticing them" (1). The trees and mountains may be a metaphor for isolation since then he proceeds to tell Lucy that she must get lonely due to how far away everything is. Loneliness and, certainly, desperation can drive people to lose their consciousness and their sense of themselves and reality. This may be why he ...

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...or for his illusions that he can 't see past off. These details have a strong influence in the suspicions that Sinkler is having abnormal experiences, which could be hallucinations or delusions. Sinkler is just making up this adventurous story in his head which leads to his death because he is bored with his real life and this explains why he wishes death upon himself.
Therefore, we can conclude that Sinkler is mentally unstable and that makes his story a fallacy. His characterization builds up on his appeal of despair and alienation. Also, the author 's diction from the last paragraphs contribute to the understanding that Sinkler is experiencing a hallucination. This can be derived from his dialogue, actions, and metaphors from the short story. As there are many other angles in which a reader can view this work of fiction, many clues lead the way in this direction.

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