Essay on The Truman Show By Peter Weir

Essay on The Truman Show By Peter Weir

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The Truman show written by Peter Weir follows the story of Truman Burbank whom of which lives in a fake and false world, but is unaware that his whole life has been controlled by the creator of the show, Christof, and that all the people in his life are actors and his life is a television production and his city is an elaborate television set. The Truman Show is a satirical commentary and talks about how the media is a large influence in our lives. Weir uses many film techniques, such as production design, camera, editing, lighting, sound and characterisation, to make us empathise with the protagonist, Truman, as he learns the truth about his life and escapes the television set and ends Christof’s control on his life. In the film in the opening scenes, walking over the jetty and when Truman reflects on his father’s drowning are some of the most crucial and important scenes in making the viewers empathise with Truman throughout the movie, leading up to him breaking out of Seahaven and going out into the real world.
The opening scene introduces the viewer to the concept of a television show, through lighting, characterisation, and production design. In the scene, it is made clear that Truman is the unaware protagonist through production design, as all the other characters are introduced through an interview type scene while Truman is in a more natural state in a bathroom with mirrors, bottles and jars while wearing his pyjamas with him unknowingly looking into a camera. Marlon and Meryl are both seen with a blue sky as their background, while Christof is shown with a plain dark background and Truman is shown in a bathroom, which makes him seem more real and natural which helps us connect with him more than the other characters. Thr...

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...d his emotions. There is also shadows on his face, so his emotions are blocked off, which represents the darkness he is feeling in his life at that moment. The colour in the scene are mainly blue, cold and dark hues which represents his sadness and how he is feeling. The way Truman acts in this scene is very different from his more natural and funny personality, this shows the viewers that he is a very realistic person who can connect with us all.
Through the many film techniques, Peter Weir makes the viewers of The Truman Show empathise with Truman Burbank. In the opening scene, when Truman is walking over the water and when he reflects on his father’s drowning use many of these film techniques which help use empathise with Truman in many ways. Through the scenes that use the film techniques, it is made quite easy to empathise with Truman throughout the whole film.

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