Essay on Truman Made the Right Choice

Essay on Truman Made the Right Choice

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President Harry Truman’s use of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan during the Second World War is the most controversial decision in history. While it was an undoubtedly difficult decision, it was indeed necessary in order to end this six year war that had ravaged the world. While many critics argue that the bomb was used primarily as an act of vengeance toward Japan, simplifying such a crucial moment in human history downplays the very real threat Japan posed to the United States. While avoiding strained relations with the other Allied countries, Truman had to assess the possible danger of the Soviet Union in a post-war world. Furthermore, the possibility of an arms race, the moral implications of using this weapon, and the number of American lives that would possibly be lost invading Japan were among the numerous pros and cons Truman had to consider when contemplating the use of this powerful weapon that had never before been unleashed on humanity.
The purpose of developing this weapon was first and foremost winning the war as quickly as possible. In addition to securing world peace, the United States’ future as a world leader was also at stake. In 1939, President Franklin Roosevelt appointed a committee to research the possibility of using atomic energy military purposes. By the time the United States entered the war in December 1941, this research was given priority and the project was extended throughout the course of the war. Due to the extremely sensitive nature of the Manhattan Project, only a select few knew of the plan to develop the atomic bomb.
The support of the Allied countries was also crucial in order to maintain the integrity of the project. The United States collaborated with Great Bri...

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... during the battles with the United States in the Pacific Theatre, the capability and determination of the available ground forces to go great lengths in defense of their homeland was of the utmost concern. The major tactic used by the Japanese would be suicide operations by kamikaze pilots directed primarily toward ships and mobilization of the remaining naval forces to support such missions. The leaders of the United States realized the extreme measures Japan would take in order to avoid surrendering to and being occupied by Allied forces.
In terms of political strategy, the Japanese became desperate in their mission to end the war without surrender. The most diabolical of these methods was the attempt of the Japanese to turn the Soviet Union against their wartime ally, the United States, to their side. Believing the Soviets were planning to remain neutral,

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