Truman and the Creation of Israel Essay

Truman and the Creation of Israel Essay

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Truman and the Creation of Israel

With the growing pressure for a new state of Israel after the atrocities committed against the Jews in World War Two, President Franklin D Roosevelt's adopted a neutral policy towards Palestine. Roosevelt felt like the United States needed complete cooperation from Jews and Muslims before they could get involved. When Roosevelt passed away in April of 1945, Harry Truman was thrown into the presidency of the United States. Along with the ongoing war with Japan and difficulties with the Soviet Union, there was immediate pressure from Zionist leaders to get something done. Truman said "I felt like the moon, the stars, and all the planets have fallen on me"(Levantrosser). When Truman took office, his administration placed American interests first and made their policy consistent with Roosevelt's policy. Although he remained neutral, the Palestine issue was one of Truman's greatest concerns. He wrote Virginia C. Gildersleeve: "The Jewish and Arab situation in the Near East is a most difficult one and has caused us more difficulty than most any other problem in the European Theater..." (Donovan). When the statistics came into focus, of the hundreds of thousands Jews that were displaced, Congress was forced to make a decision. The United States Congress would eventually tell Truman that the Jewish immigration policy into Palestine was to be Great Britain's situation because they held a League of Nations mandate over Palestine. Truman ignored this advice because he felt as if Congress cared more about their own interests and the Arab reaction, rather than focusing on the Jewish suffering caused by Adolph Hitler during World War II. Truman saw the suffering that the Jews went through and it affected h...

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...of the situation, "The position of the Jews in liberated countries is desperate. The political pressure in Palestine is becoming unbearable. And so is my personal position as President of the Jewish agency. This is the hour to eliminate the British White Paper, to open the doors of Palestine and to proclaim the Jewish state" (Ganin). The British negative attitude gave the militant Zionists who wanted a new policy towards England and for new activist leadership a reason to take action. They felt, "'s astonishing how fast they forgot about that..." (Silverberg). The Zionist leaders saw that after World War Two, Britain was exhausted economically and psychologically. British power had weakened because of the war. The Jewish community realized that they would not be able to rely on Britain for help and so they turned all their attention to the United States (Ganin).

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