TrueCrypt and Spybot: A Forensic Exploration Essay

TrueCrypt and Spybot: A Forensic Exploration Essay

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Throughout this course many software packages have been discussed as far as their usefulness and application in a computer forensics environment. I have chosen to write about encryption, as well as anti-spyware software. Specifically I will discuss TrueCrypt and Spybot – Search and Destroy.

TrueCrypt is a freely available disk encryption package. It is also open-source, which allows independent developers to legally change/modify and/or expand upon the software at their discretion, so long as all applicable terms and conditions of the TrueCrypt license are met. TrueCrypt also happens to be multi-platform, so it is not operating-system dependent. It supports Windows, Mac OS X, as well as Linux distributions. TrueCrypt volumes are also platform independent and can be mounted on different operating-systems.

There are several different methods of utilizing TrueCrypt to provide encryption for sensitive files, as well as to provide a layer of privacy. TrueCrypt can be used to encrypt entire hard drives, flash drives, as well as partitions. It can be used to force pre-boot authentication, by encrypting the drive or partition that an operating-system is installed on. The end-user of TrueCrypt can also provide fake boot error messages during the pre-boot authentication phase when the encryption password is incorrectly input.

TrueCrypt also has a semi-portable mode, in which TrueCrypt does not have to be installed in order to be executed. However, this requires administrative privileges in Windows due to driver requirements and has the potential to leave behind tracks in Windows registry. If this is a problem, TrueCrypt also allows the end-user to create hidden operating systems and hidden volumes. These offer the end-user ...

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...nd Destroy and TrueCrypt are very effective software packages that are both provided free of charge. Both packages are well designed and perform their assigned tasks very well. However, like all software packages, none are without bugs and quirks, and they cannot be expected to perform properly in all environments. Thus, precautions should always be made before installation of any software packages on any system with the understanding that the end-user is the only one held liable for problems that occur due to software packages performing unexpectedly in ways that may cause damage to the end-users machines.

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