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True Shakespeare or Not True shakespeare Essay

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Many historians and famous authors, such as Mark Twain and Sigmund Freud, have trouble believing that William Shakespeare truly wrote the plays published in his name. As TIME writer Jumanna Farousky wrote, “Doubters started questioning the true identity of the writer in the late 19th century. Ever since then, the theory of an alternate author has flirted with the mainstream as some scholars and researchers have tried to get the broader academic community to treat the question as a legitimate debate”. (Farousky, 1) Though there are many candidates in the conflict1 surrounding the true identity of the author of Shakespeare’s plays, it is clear Sir Francis Bacon was the true creator. Where Shakespeare never went to college or traveled outside the London area, Bacon was well traveled and atended2 College before moving on to write his own books as well as becoming a philosopher. Sir Francis Bacon was also raised in politics and was in parliament3, while Shakespeare was the son of a glove maker and became an actor. Also, the two authors share many similarities in their writing style. Although there are other candidates in the debate, Sir Francis Bacon is the most likely based on the series of weird or nonsensical things that connect4 them. From the writing style similarities, and the fact that Shakespeare never traveled outside of London while Bacon traveled and had family who travelled to some of the places in the plays, to the information used in the plays, information Shakespeare would not have had access5 to but Sir Francis Bacon would have. There are more reasons that Bacon could be the true Shakespeare than for most others. These are only a few of the many odd coincidences6, circumstances7, and similarities surrounding Sir Francis...

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...4) These facts lead to the question of why someone who was supposedly so eloquent as to be able to write such amazing plays would need someone else to write them down for him, and why did he seem unable to settle on a single spelling of his own name? Frequently, in Shakespeare’s plays the author would need to possess knowledge of both Hebrew and Italian. These facts, combined with Shakespeare’s lack of higher education or travel experience make Shakespeare an unlikely candidate for authorship.

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