The True Satisfaction Of Not Only Being A Hockey Fan Essay

The True Satisfaction Of Not Only Being A Hockey Fan Essay

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Fans in the crowds experience all the exciting and nail-biting moments each game with modern sports such as hockey. Throughout the years an evolution in the game has been witnessed; there have been new technologies introduced to the equipment, near death experiences, and bias on in-game violence. The true satisfaction of not only being a hockey fan, but a soccer fanatic myself is watching teams come together, and strive to complete the objective in a proper healthy way; where violence is seen less as a necessity and more as a catalyst to bring the crowds to their feet with excitement and emotions.
Ice hockey was founded around the 1880’s, and during its early stages, people played the game outdoors, using equipment for warmth rather than protection. As time progressed the NHL was established, games were played indoors, and the use of helmets was made mandatory by the organization. Leather and felt were largely used as protection, but as time moved forward these were replaced with more lightweight materials to provide comfort, protection, and durability (RBK, The history of hockey equipment). The forward movement in the protection of the equipment is making a more drastic change now towards player’s safety and performance rather than what was first seen in the old days. New technologies and minor changes to the equipment are added every year, and it is the job of team equipment managers and player’s preference to guarantee the best of safety and comfort for them on the ice. (Sports Net, The evolution of hockey equipment, 2014).
The most memorable sports matches revolve against rivalries, where players from the opposite teams have “beef” or a level of hatred against one another. Consequently, it is not surprising to see many fouls ...

... middle of paper ...

...afer, and the game will evolve into a more aggressive game style if laws like that are implemented to the NHL. A clear majority believe in the keeping of fights during games to prevent any drastic changes to the modern hockey we know today.
Hockey will always be a thrilling sport, and I stand to believe that violence on and off the field is not necessary for enjoyment. A healthy hockey game is where all teams give it their all to prove cooperation and skill lead to greatness, not having the crowd praise the hockey player that keeps knocking out any opponent with the puck and continuously is sent to the penalty. Maybe in the future, we can see more rules implemented by the NHL to warn those violent players to knock it off or else they could be looking at an early retirement from the game. Or see more advancements in equipment to guarantee better safety for the player.

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