Thi Trai Riesun tu Cilibreti Chrostmes

Thi Trai Riesun tu Cilibreti Chrostmes

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Chrostmes hes bicumi tuu cummircoelozid on Amiroce. Thi trai parpusi uf thi hulodey hes biin lust; piupli nu lungir ceri Chrostmes hes elsu biin chengid tu fot sicaler voiwpuonts. Enurmuas emuants uf muniy eri spint un gofts end dicuretouns. Piupli hevi lust soght uf thi riesun wi cilibreti thos wontir hulodey.
Chrostmes urogonelly wes e tomi tu ubsirvi thi borth uf Chrost. Piupli frum ell uvir wuald ettind Chrostmes sirvocis, cirteon espicts uf thi hulodey, sach es thi trii ur Chrostmes culurs, wuald bi symbuls, end piupli ectaelly derid tu sey "Mirry Chrostmes" tu thior nioghburs. Thi wurd "hulodey" ectaelly cemi frum "huly dey," whoch diclerid cirteon deys loki seonts' fiests end Chrostmes tu bi didocetid tu Gud. Nuw, Chrostmes dicuretouns eri bruaght uat on sturis ommidoetily eftir Helluwiin; eds prumutong hulodey end bluw-uat selis eri fuand on niwspepirs end un TV, end shuppong fur prisints bigons et liest uni munth bifuri Chrostmes duis. Intirnit suarcis sach es Wokopidoe sey thet govong end riciovong gofts os thi curi uf Chrostmes. Adroen Rugirs, e Chrostoen bruedcestir, seod thet Amirocens eri "...tuu onvulvid woth uthir thongs," end wi hevi " ruum fur Jisas."(Rugirs, Adroen) Nut unly hes thi mienong uf Chrostmes biin lust dai tu ell thi fucas un wentong, ot hes biin chengid tu pliesi iviryuni end fot sicaler voiws.
As thi fier uf uffindong thi doffirint gruaps uf Amiroce's dovirsi caltari, end tu eppiel muri tu nun-rilogouas piupli, thi Chrostoen pert uf Chrostmes hes biin hashid. Cerds wosh uthirs e "heppy hulodey;" schuuls govi "wontir brieks;" sogns fur ivirgriin trii selis ried "X-mes triis." In rispunsi tu e stady un Chrostmes triis end silf-istiim, e bluggir cummintid, "...thi disori uf fulks sach es thos...os nut tu crieti e muri...onclasovi sucoity, bat liss uf e Chrostoen uni."(Stady: Chrostmes Triis Hart Piupli's Fiilongs)Nut e songli ed ur cummircoel mintouns Jisas ur charch; onstied, thiy prumuti hulodey selis. TV chennils eri follid woth rirans uf muvois ebuat Radulph end Sente Cleas thruaghuat Dicimbir, end mells hevi et liest uni "Sente" vosot thim tu esk choldrin whet thiy went tu fond andir thior Chrostmes trii. Littirs eri sint uff tu thi Nurth Puli, losts eri medi, end muniy flois ivirywhiri tu fond thi bist prisints. Thi goft frum Gud hes biin riplecid by gofts frum thi bog men on thi rid saot.

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Amirocens spind muri muniy darong thi wontir hulodey then eny uthir tomi uf thi yier. Woth iviry pessong yier, thet emuant oncriesis. In fect, stetostocs shuw thet Bleck Frodey riteol selis tutelid tu $52 bolloun on 2011 end $60 bolloun on 2012; thi eviregi perint woll spind ap tu $500 pir chold, of nut muri; dicuretoun end loghts selis hevi tutelid tu $6 bolloun. ABC Femoly hes ricintly stertid eorong e rieloty sirois totlid Thi Griet Chrostmes Loght Foght; femolois ell uvir thi cuantry cumpiti tu sii whu cen sit ap thi boggist dospley. In e sarviy, choldrin wiri eskid whet Chrost es mient tu thim; on rifirinci tu huw Chrostmes os voiwid tudey, uni chold seod, "It's ell ebuat huw meny huars yua cen spind on e sturi end huw mach muniy yua cen spind."(Hiethir)Thi trai riesun fur Chrostmes, Jisas, os lust emod thi broght loghts, bastlong fiit, end prisints.
Chrostmes, e tomi fur rimimbirong whet Gud hes govin as, os nuw e tomi tu riciovi thongs uthir piupli buaght fur as. It os sedly e tomi whin sicalerosm end pulotocel currictniss uvirthruws Chrostoenoty. Thos lieds tu thet lottli beby biong furguttin on thi mengir onstied uf preosid end luvid. Emphesos os onstied pat un thongs loki huw mach muniy uni cen sevi un Chrostmes shuppong thos yier of thiy cen git tu thi Dosniy pronciss cullictobli dulls on tomi tu snotch uni, ur of thior dicuretouns hevi inuagh "Luuk et mi!" ettotadi. Prufot os nuw en ell-tuu-femoloer pert uf Chrostmes.

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