Essay on The True Problem Of Native Americans

Essay on The True Problem Of Native Americans

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There is nothing harder than being stripped away from your own land and become a stranger in your own home, and watching your ancestors ' legacy washed away

The Native Americans had endured an unbearable problem as we see in " After The Mayflower" regarding their homeland, race, and religion. one of the Indians said "it 's ok if you are an Indian and you got killed by other Indians it is a problem that they can work out, but the true problem is that if you are an Indian and you got killed by the hands of the people who take your land"

The real problem started when the Indians did not take enough caution when the pilgrims landed on their land, because at first the pilgrims were not that strong and they would be controlled easily if the correct actions were made , they could make some rules to the pilgrims to follow, that would largely reduce the possibility of the occupation, but because the pilgrims came to the land of the Wampanoag along with their women and children, the Indians felt save they didn 't expect them to do such harm.

because of the radical religion in England, the pilgrims felt unwelcome in England so if they failed to make Wampanoag, they would have no home back to go to. that is the reason they acted nicely toward the Indians when they first arrived they were in an urgent need for allies , so the English really play it smart, they knew how to settle down
So Plymouth Gov. William Bradford prepared a feast to celebrate and invited a group of "Native American allies, although the feast was not as friendly as the stories say but we should keep in mind that the Native Americans face serious struggles with particular diseases , an epidemic diseases which left them weak and vulnerable
so the English saw an ...

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...n honest image for Indian women it was weird that at the time of her contact with John Smith, she was 9 years old! so this was a totally giving the wrong notion of what could be a mythical princess, so the Indians have to act about this absurd stereotype , the help came surprisingly from Hollywood, it helped to spread their objection in what happen in wounded knee and other movies.
Marlon Brandon asked Sacheen littlefeather to represent him and explain to people about the wrong stereotype in south Dakota and wounded knee It a smart move because the academy theater , of course, will be filled with filmmakers and producers who will take her speech into consideration.

We can only Imagen the hardships that the Indians have gone through, they had to deal with problems not of their own making . Until today,Indians are facing prejudice, mistreatment, and inequality .

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