The True Nature Or Ultimate Reality Of The World Essay

The True Nature Or Ultimate Reality Of The World Essay

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There are many traditions that have a definition on what the true nature or ultimate reality of the world is. However, there seems to be a steady definition that it is the eternal and unchanging world which does not contain a duality and complexity of the objective reality. It is to transcend from the conventional world and to be part or one with the universe. For Buddhism and Daoism, it is to be able to see the world for what it is and to not be motivated about attaining an end goal. Though the traditions, differ on how the subjects act in the conventional world before reaching the conclusion. Buddhism has a world of suffering lead by jealousy, greed, e.t.c., while Daoism sees life to be generally good, but desires may halt the procession of the journey. Buddhist and Daoist ideas can be very similar in attaining the true nature or ultimate reality of things are but vary in how life is lived prior to this achievement.
The idea of the true nature or ultimate reality of things in terms from Buddhism and Daoism is to accept and see things for what they are. It is to not alter our perceptions on viewing the conventional world and accept what comes towards us instead of ignoring it. For Daoism, it is to practice non-action (无为) and be in harmony with the Dao or the Way. Non-action is a paradox to effortlessly act or non-willful action. It is to not be goal oriented or not motivated by self-serving desires. “This is why sages abide in the business of nonaction, and practice the teaching that is without words” (Lao Zi, 164). It is the “nothingness” that cannot be conceptualized or defined. Non-action is followed without being to fully understand what it is. Which is also seen in Buddhism, where Zazen is to be practiced or t...

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... what the true nature or ultimate reality of things really are. The two traditions are similar in believing the way to reach the end goal is to lose existence in the conventional world and see the world for what it is. To go with the flow of nature and lose the duality in the world is when either attaining Nirvana or to be with the Dao can be achieved. Without this lost existence the subject stays in the objective reality with negative emotions and desires surrounding them slows them from following the correct path. Although they are alike with being with the true nature, the traditions differ on what the end goal is and how the life is prior to achievement. Buddhism consists of the inescapable cycle of birth, death and reincarnation where the only way is to prepare for the next life. While Daoism focuses on the now to get others to be able to follow the Dao.

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