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The True Lover Of Knowledge Essay

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"The true lover of knowledge naturally strives for truth, and is not content with common opinion, but soars with undimmed and unwearied passion". Plato was a great philosopher one of the most important of the Ancient Greek world. Plato 's teachings had been one of the most influential teachings in the history of Western civilization. In this paper you will discover the life of Plato and be more aware of the education and his works of the world. Also due to a lack of primary sources from the time period, much of Plato 's life has been constructed by scholars through his writings and classical historians.
Plato was born in Athens, Greece in 427 B.C. and died in 347 B.C.E., he grew up in a wealthy and noble family. Plato 's father, Ariston died when he just a little boy and his mother Prediction ended up remarrying. Plato was a very smart child growing up, the staff of the states "He was educated in philosophy, poetry and gymnastics by distinguished Athenian teachers including the philosopher Cratylus"( Staff). As time went on Plato grew up and became a statesman and a devoting follower of Socrates; until Socrates took his life then Plato devoted his life to philosophy . Plato then left Athens an ended up spending 12 years traveling in Libya for mathematicians then Egypt for prophets and mystics and last Italy and Sicily. While traveling Plato became a slave and then was free and returned to Athens. When he returned to Athens and had found the Academy so they say in the books, but no one really knows what happened. Plato stayed and ended up teaching mathematics and philosophy till he passed away at the age of 81.
As Plato was teaching at the Academy he was also a writer and his works were a part of great lit...

... middle of paper ... a lot of his work he used imagery the main point of the cave is one big thing of imagery.
In Plato 's final years he spent writing and at the Academy, he died around 347 B.C.E., no one really knows how Plato died but scholars and historians say he died in his sleep. Plato impacted a lot of people through his time and many others as while. In Plato 's work it covered almost everything and anything like mathematics, science and nature, morals and political theory.
In conclusion Plato was a very knowledgeable man as while his education has been proven to be essential for understanding the universe. Plato lived for a long time doing the things that he loved and i believe he was a good man. After doing this paper over Plato I have learned so much more about the understanding of education and morals to life. I never knew how much a Philosopher could teach the world.

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