Essay on The True Love Of Children 's Books, And Movies Feed Us From A Young Age

Essay on The True Love Of Children 's Books, And Movies Feed Us From A Young Age

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Just imagine it, a handsome knight on his glorious stead his armor glinting in the sunlight while he removes his helmet swinging his beautiful and perfect hair with not a smudge of dirt or sweat on him after a battle, or maybe the gorgeous princess with long hair and porcelain perfect skin emerging from an eternal slumber that only her true love can break. Sound familiar? It should, considering nearly every child can picture the same images and nearly every adult can as well. These are the images that fairytales, children’s books, and movies feed us from a young age. All of them give us similar images, a princess rescued from peril caused by an evil stepmother, a knight slaying a dragon to find his true love. Nearly every person has been raised on the tales and it is no different from generation to generation, the medium is the only thing that changes. We tell these tales by spoken word, colorful pages in storybooks, or even through the animation of a movie, no matter what the medium they all give us the same images in our minds, a perfect love and a perfect relationship that revolves around fate. Today, we wonder why teenagers and young adults have these unrealistic expectations of what love is really like, when in reality they may never meet, come in contact with, or fall in love with that knight in shining armor or the princess that they dream of. This isn’t caused by them following the wrong path in their life or because they failed in some way or another, it happens because no person will ever be as perfect as a fairytale, those stories don’t include all people in all walks of life, and love is rarely ever instantaneous. These things are keeping the younger generations from realizing that love and relationships are not perfe...

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...rate and perfect love, when realistically love is flawed and so are the people involved in it. Relationships are not made of sparkles and rainbows, and sometimes they include people of different races, backgrounds, and sexualities together when fairytales only show the same cookie cutter idea of what love should be. Also, they cannot show that love is a gradual thing, compared to the instantaneous thing that is presented to children, and sometimes the some imperfect people that fall in love will realize that they didn’t fall in love with the right person from the start. Children should be shown that love is not perfect, and that the prince, princess, and knight that they so long for will not come along, and instead that person will be an ordinary person they find at school, a coffee shop, or somewhere else they visit, and they will be just as happy with that instead.

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