True Love in Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

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In the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie is a beautiful African-American woman who wants to explore and find love with a real man. She goes through a few men trying to do this, but at the same time she is unwillingly forced with these men who don’t affiliate with the love she desires. However, when Tea Cake marries Janie she gains self-determination when he expresses his love and affection to her that is qualifying factors of her love expectations. Therefore, Janie learns the value of true love and proves herself as a brave woman. The love Janie expects in a marriage is like a fairytale that turns out not to be the perfect life she presumed because of not being loved in a faithful way and being abused. Janie was unsatisfied with her first marriage with Logan because, “His belly is too big too, now, and his toe-nails look lak mule foots. And ‘tain’t nothin’ in de way of him washin’ his feet every evenin’ before he comes tuh bed” (Hurston 24). Hurston uses figurative language such as, “..his toe-nails look lak mule foots” to indicate a negative criticism of suppression. This s...
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